Welcome to the Ithaca Community Gardens, a program of Project Growing Hope!

Project Growing Hope is a not-for-profit membership organization devoted to furthering community food self-sufficiency. Our main project is the Ithaca Community Gardens. As a member you can choose to maintain your own garden plot; use the garden tools, manure, and compost; take part in and organize educational workshops and social events; and help maintain the shared community spaces in the Gardens. And of course there’s the opportunity to learn and share with a community of friendly gardeners! There are also many opportunities to get involved in community events. Check out our events calendar below for upcoming Gardens events.

New to the Community Gardens? CLICK HERE to request a plot!

As of late February 2018 there are about 27 people on the waitlist. To get a plot next spring, please sign up now! FYI we often have 30 or more plots available in the spring.

2018 Workdays

April 28, May 19, June 30, July 28, August 25, September 29, October 27

During gardening season (April to October), workdays are mostly held the last Saturday of every month from 9 am to noon (see 2018 dates above). Everyone who is able is encouraged to attend as many of these workdays as possible, to share the work and join the fun.

“ALTERNATE” WORKDAYS: one non-Saturday mid-month workday per month, time & dates announced here as they’re scheduled(One Sunday a month from 3–5 pm during May, Sept and October, and one weekday evening a month during the hotter months of June to August.)

 FRIENDLY REMINDER to Renewing Gardeners: to renew plots in 2018, any owed work hours must be paid at the rate of $15/hour. These payments are due immediately. Please send your payment (payable to Project Growing Hope) to PO Box 606, Ithaca NY 14851. Please contact karensmith@ithacacommunitygardens.org if you’re not sure what you owe.

Gardening News