Apply for a Garden Plot / Renew

Apply for a Garden Plot / Renew

New Gardeners
To join Project Growing Hope & apply for a garden plot (roughly 280 square feet in size, which is ~16.74  x 16.74 feet if square), please fill out this simple online form, or mail your name, address, and phone number to Project Growing Hope, PO Box 606, Ithaca, NY 14851; plot registration will be done by email unless you request otherwise. Once all available plots are taken, you will be placed on the New Gardener Wait List and we will notify you if/when a plot becomes available. Even when all plots are taken, there is turnover as people’s plans change. You have the option to specify if you would like a plot as soon as one becomes available in 2017, or if you are getting on the wait list for a spring 2018 plot. FYI we have about a 25% plot turnover rate each year, so about 30 plots become available each spring: sign up to the wait list now to be assured of a chance at one of these plots next spring. FYI new gardeners are limited to 1 plot at registration. 

Returning Gardeners
Renewal information is emailed (or mailed if requested) to last year’s gardeners during February. Deadline for return of renewal registration forms and payment is early March. Please return your renewal promptly!

Community Group Garden Plot Program 
Community organizations may apply for a garden plot to use in projects with their clients or to grow food for a specific project. They do not pay fees and do not vote, but are requested to contribute at least 4 hours of volunteer work of some nature. Requests are subject to board approval. Apply online here; if you have any questions, please contact the board.

Plot Assignment & Renewal
Starting in mid-March, plot numbers are drawn randomly and assigned to prospective new gardeners in the order their names appear on the registration wait list. Plots are renewable the following year if maintained in good condition and work commitment has been met. 

Membership and plot fee is $40 per year ($15 member fee and $25 plot use fee for water, tools, manure, etc.). Financial assistance is available for those unable to afford the full fee.

Work Requirement
The Gardens are run entirely through volunteer efforts of the member gardeners. Therefore, in addition to the fees, there is a 4 hour minimum work contribution per year to help maintain the Gardens, and gardeners are also expected to participate in at least one garden meeting or member event during the season.

Members must work 4 hours each season per assigned plot for the upkeep of the Ithaca Community Gardens or pay $15 per hour not worked. Those who did not complete all their work hours from the previous year and wish to renew their plot will need to make arrangements to work those hours by the end of March. The other option is to make a non-work payment of $10 for each missing hour in addition to the new season’s registration fees when sending in the renewal form.

Curious about our “organic” gardening policy or compost & tools available to gardeners?  Click here for more information on the Gardens’ rules & policies.

Interested in socializing and trading tips with fellow community gardeners? Click here for more information on our email list and here for a calendar of upcoming events.